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Wedding Services starting at $65 - Photographic Services starting at $75.00
Indoor Services - Cabin Services - Outdoor Services

We call this one our Bridge to Eternal Love. It is located in Gatlinburg, and is a absolutely beautiful location for a intimate wedding. Ceremonies starting at $65..

We call this location our Garden of Love. This romantic and secluded gazebo is  on the Little Pigeon River and in the midst of the Memorial River Greenway. There is a variety of exotic trees and flowering shrubs from all over the world. These exotic, lavish and lush plants make for a great backdrop for wedding photos. Weddings starting at $65.

This is our Douglas Dam location. If you have a larger wedding party, yet still want a outdoor wedding, this may be the location for you. Beautiful views of Douglas Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains with a covered area for the wedding itself if desired. Excellent location on a cloudy or rainy day. Wedding start at $65.
Many couples choose to have their ceremonies performed in their own rental cabins. Most all cabins offer hot tubs and many have heart shaped Jacuzzis., along with many other amenities. The most special thing about cabin ceremonies is that you can return for future vow renewals. Weddings starting at $65.


Is there anything prettier than a waterfall? Friendly Falls is one of the prettiest falls in all the Appalachians. Friendly Falls is not in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park but, certainly, has a great National Park appeal. Friendly Falls is less than 5 minutes from Pigeon Forge. Your beautiful ceremony here at this historic and romantic site starts at $175 for up to four people. Reservations recommended. 

If you have a large wedding party and desire an indoor wedding, this location may be just the location for you. This rustic building is across for a crystal clear cascading creek and is nestled at the foot of a 3000 ft. mountain peak. The front porch stretches from one end of the building to the other end. Your guests will enjoy the serenity and picturesque scenery from the provided comfortable rocking chairs. 
With the use of a full kitchenette, tables and chairs, this location allows you to have your reception without changing your location.
The grounds around the building offer a Smoky Mountain appeal: a cascading creek, mountainous back drop and a landscape of Hemlock trees and rock work. The grass is always green, and when the Rhododendron is blooming in June and July, the thousands of white blooming flowers will cover the mountain side on the opposite side of the creek, providing a great backdrop for photos. There are many beautiful spots for wedding photos within 100 feet of the building. This rustic mountainous location can be rented for half the price you will pay for a 30 minute wedding at most local chapels. Instead of 30 minutes or an hour, this location is yours for the entire day, so that you can savior this very special time in your life without being rushed or hurried. You have the entire day to enjoy your ceremony, photos, and reception. Services starting at $300, reservations are required with advance deposit.
Here at Shagbark, a closed-gate community, we have several beautiful  outdoor wedding sites. Spring has sprung, and it is beautiful. Contact Pastor Dennis Lee for availability and pricing at 865-429-1511. More pictures to be available shortly.
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Always Together Wedding Services is located near the romantic and incomparably scenic Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountain area is foremost and unexcelled in the Eastern United States for hosting romantic ceremonies and offering almost endless entertainment opportunities.

Like Las Vegas in the West, and Branson in the Midwest, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville offer a variety of musical, comedy, and unique shows. Area theatres offer something for everyone, from Hillbilly and Bluegrass to Chinese Acrobatics, and all the comedy in between.

Shopping is better nowhere else than here in these Appalachian cities. There are several outlet centers, numerous antique shops, and hundreds of specialty stores.

For the adventurous, thrill seekers, and adrenaline junkies, we have your fix! Go-Karts, Roller coasters, Bungee Jumps, In-Door Skydiving, Helicopter rides, and even a flight in a vintage WW II fighter plane.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the nation. There are thousands of miles of hiking trails, hundreds of miles of rivers and creeks suited for kayaking, tubing, and fishing. An abundance of scenery and sometimes wildlife can be viewed without ever leaving the comforts of your vehicle.

Going to Cades Cove (Southeastern part of the National Park) near sunrise or sunset, will reward you with and opportunity to see multitudes of deer, with a good chance of seeing a bear and other wildlife.

We highly recommend the following books/media and authors to compliment your understanding of the relationship between a wife and husband. Click on both pictures to go to their sites.

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Dr. Gary Chapman leads us through "The Secret to Love that Lasts," in "The 5 Love Languages." Whether you have been married 50 years or are justing starting out in a relationship, this is a must read for couples of all ages.

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Dr. Gary Smalley's "Keys to a Loving Relationship," is the icing on the cake in books about relationships. This is definitly a must read.